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BlossomFlow Yoga Bra


Key Features:

  • Removable Pads: Customize your level of support with removable padded cups, allowing you to choose the fit that suits you best.
  • Enhanced Back Design: The bra’s intricate back design adds style and enhances breathability, ensuring proper airflow during your practice.
  • Four-Way Stretch: Embrace unrestricted movement during your practice with the four-way stretch fabric that moves with you, ensuring comfort and flexibility in every pose.

Care Instructions:

To ensure that your BlossomFlow Yoga Bra maintains its beauty and functionality, please follow these care instructions:

  1. Gentle Machine Wash: To preserve the fabric’s integrity and color, machine wash your bra in cold water with like colors.
  2. Avoid Fabric Softeners: Fabric softeners can affect the elasticity of the fabric. Opt for a mild detergent instead.
  3. Lay Flat to Dry: Lay your bra flat to air dry after washing. Avoid high-heat drying methods to prevent potential damage to the fabric and elasticity.
  4. Handle with Care: While the BlossomFlow Yoga Bra is designed to withstand the demands of yoga practice, treat it with care to ensure its longevity.


Unveil a new dimension of your yoga practice with the BlossomFlow Yoga Bra by GymAthletica—a confluence of comfort and elegance, meticulously crafted for the discerning yogi. As part of our luxury activewear collection, this yoga bra is a tribute to the seamless integration of form and function, offering a premium experience with every wear.

Design Mastery Unfolds: Immerse yourself in the Blossoming Elegance of the BlossomFlow Yoga Bra, where every stitch is a testament to GymAthletica’s commitment to excellence. The refined aesthetic captures the spirit of a blossoming flower—delicate, strong, and beautiful—enhancing your yoga wardrobe with a touch of sophistication.

Unmatched Supportive Comfort: Tailored for the modern yogi, the BlossomFlow Yoga Bra delivers Supportive Comfort that adapts to your movements. Its design ensures that support does not come at the expense of comfort, granting you the freedom to explore your range of motion with confidence.

Breathable Fabric for Ultimate Freshness: Engage in your practice with the assurance of staying cool and collected, thanks to the Breathable Fabric of this yoga bra. The moisture-wicking technology works tirelessly to keep you dry, facilitating a serene and uninterrupted yoga experience.

Elevate your practice with GymAthletica’s BlossomFlow Yoga Bra, where every element is crafted to align with your yoga journey. The result is a yoga bra that not only complements your practice but enhances it—allowing you to move, breathe, and live your yoga with a sense of renewed purpose and poise.

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