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Cristina is a Gymathletica athlete and ambassador, licensed FIF (Federation Italian Fitness), Reps UAE Pt level 3 fitness, and Pilates Coach. Cristina is a licensed FIF (Federazione Italiana Fitness) and Reps Uae Pt level 3 fitness and pilates Coach. She earned her master’s degree in Sport Sciences and Physical Rehabilitation from the “University of Urbino” in Italy. She is also specialized in sports massage and lymphatic drainage massage.
Then she participated in track and field for around ten years and won numerous national competitions in various sports, specializing in the long jump. After her athletic career, she became a mentor for younger athletes, teaching sports activities in a variety of schools and athletic teams, then she became more involved in the fitness and wellness community.
For more than ten years, she has continued to work as a fitness instructor (aerobics, step, weight room, tone up, total body, fit-boxing, kinesis, functional training, circuit training, TRX, kettlebells, rehab), and she discovered the therapeutic world of Pilates, which she has made not only a career but also a passion and a lifestyle!
Cristina’s key quote is, “Pilates is full synchronization of body, mind, and spirit.” Cristina taught Pilates in several gyms in Italy before opening her own studio in Urbino (Italy) in 2010.
In 2013, she relocated to Dubai, where she quickly became immersed in the incredible experience of teaching Fitness and Pilates mat work, and she was one of the first pilates teachers in the UAE to import the SUP (stand-up paddleboard pilates). Cristina has also worked with iPersonalTrainerDubai, one of the leading Italian fitness companies.
She founded her own business, Energika Nutrition and Fitness, intending to assist clients in reaching their goals by providing a 360-degree wellness program, tailoring the best workout with personal training, customized nutritional plans, and motivational/educational classes in partnership with experts in the field.
She also runs her own online fitness and nutritional program, assisting participants with online one-on-one or group classes and hosting a platform where she shares over 50 registered HIIT, Functional exercise, Mobility, and Pilates classes, as well as healthy news and recipes.
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